SiXfOoTuNdA – San Diego

Ragga jungle has been on the mind of San Diego’s Six Foot Unda from the time he was a teenager. But little did he know how far he would advance the sound a decade later. Listening to the likes of Ron D Core, DJ Trance, R.A.W., and Mark N, Six Foot Unda got turned on to the sound of old school hardcore at the young age of 15, but as the years went by and 6FU got older, so did the sound of hardcore and jungle. By the time he was 18, he was growing increasingly interested in the upcoming ragga jungle sound. R.A.W., CRS? Remarc, and the 119 crew were some of his biggest influences. Hardcore and jungle sounded very similar back in 93, 94, and 95 breaks and amens with a four-to-the-floor beat, heavy samples and very raw sounding Thats how Six Foot Unda describes it.

Intent on pushing the ragga sound to the front of the jungle scene, Six Foot Unda has launched Dub Chamber Recordings, a label supported by the likes of Bulletproof Crew, Gone Jahmen Crew, Freebass Audio, Dr. Freeclouds, Temple of Boom and Owned Clothing. Added to this support list are some of Southern Californias most prominent DJs, including R.A.W., Direct Feed, Kid B, Slyten, Ron D Core, Golgo 13, and Eric L.

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